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Inspection and Consulting seafood specialist in Vietnam



Years of experience

25 years of experience OFCO

in the Vietnamese

seafood industry


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sixty countries

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reached in 2024

OFCO Group provides essential Inspection & Consulting services to international seafood buyers operating in Vietnam.

Our 25-year history is built on a foundation of unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity, ensuring our clients navigate the seafood market with confidence and success.

OFCO _Office

In 2016, OFCO Group made a strategic move to a new building to support our company’s growth. This larger space has enabled us to increase our team size and improve our work environment. The building is designed to provide a productive atmosphere with dedicated areas for work, rest, and exercise, ensuring our team members have the best facilities to excel in their roles.


Facility Features:

  • Enhanced Work Environment: The new building offers a professional setting that encourages hard work and dedication, with well-equipped workspaces for our growing team.


  • Functional Spaces: Our facility includes areas for relaxation and dining, which contribute to the overall well-being of our staff and, in turn, enhance their work efficiency.


  • Advanced R&D Kitchen: A highlight of our new location is the large kitchen for research and development, which can accommodate 15 square meters storage for frozen samples, supporting our commitment to innovation.


  • Convenient Location: The office’s location in An Phu Ward, adjacent to VASEP (Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers), placing us at the crossroads of industry insights.


Our move to this new building reflects OFCO’s commitment to providing our team with the resources they need to achieve excellence in their work.

OFCO meeting


Your comprehensive partner for your seafood operations in vietnam

OFCO delivers tailored inspection services to ensure your seafood purchases meet your specific quality requirements, guaranteeing that suppliers fulfill your expectations with precision and care.

Benefit from our consulting services to enhance your procurement operations, achieving unparalleled cost-effectiveness and quality assurance in the seafood trade.

OFCO - Loading Inspection
OFCO - Temperature checking

meet us in vietnam

For the past 25 years, Jean-Charles Diener, founder of OFCO, has helped shape the Vietnamese seafood industry.

Our Team is present at the Vietfish Trade Show in South Vietnam every year, and we look forward to meeting seafood buyers from all over the world at Vietfish in August 2024.

Our multicultural team combines deep expertise in the seafood industry with strong experience in Quality Control.

OFCO at Vietfish in Vietnam


OFCO inspects a vast array of seafood products exported from Vietnam, covering most of the species and items from frozen to dried to canned goods.

Trust in our extensive knowledge to guide your seafood purchasing and processing decisions in Vietnam.


Discover a wealth of data on the seafood industry in Vietnam, available here at OFCO. Whether you’re seeking export data by seafood species, market analysis, import data from Vietnam, or information on suppliers in Vietnam, this is your go-to resource for the most accurate and reliable information.

Please contact us at if you would like further specific information in this section.


At OFCO, we prioritize sustainable business practices, focusing on proactive measures with our clients to prevent issues from arising.

Separately, we recognize and actively promote the segments of Vietnam’s aquaculture that are sustainable, aiming to elevate the profile of these deserving industries.

Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh
Jeaqn-Charles Vietfish Consulting


“I  know Diener for more than ten years and it has been absolute pleasure to know him as a business partner and as a friend. Our company Empire Foods introduced Basa fish in India and his company OFCO inspected our first container in 2008. Since then there is No container which has left the shore of Vietnam and not inspected by OFCO. I do not have a ready number but they must have inspected thousands of containers for us. We are leader of Basa Fish sales in India and there is huge contribution of Diener and his team to achieve it. Diener and his team are honest, well organised and know the Job they are doing. I wish them much more success

Yogesh grover - Empire food, India

You are considering seafood procurement or processing in Vietnam?

Reach out to OFCO for unparalleled expertise and tailored guidance.

Our team ensures a smooth and efficient procurement experience, perfectly aligned with your specific requirements.

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