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Inspection room - Pangasius


At OFCO we inspect a vast array of seafood products exported from Vietnam, covering most of the species and items from frozen to dried to canned goods.

Led by our director, who brings 25 years of expertise in this field in Vietnam, our team at OFCO is equipped with the knowledge and skills to assist with all your seafood procurement needs. 

Our collective track record and experience underscore our dedication and capability. It’s not just the leadership, but the combined strength of our team that makes us stand out in the industry.


Choose OFCO for reliable, unbiased, and comprehensive seafood services. Let us be your partner in success.

At OFCO, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. As a specialized seafood inspection and consulting company, we provide services that go beyond mere transactions.

OFCO - Pangasius Pre-Shipment Inspection

This category includes all seafood products sold by processors in Vietnam.

Regardless of whether the raw materials are locally sourced or imported.

OFCO - Scallops

This category includes all seafood sent to Vietnam for re-processing (outward processing or other custom procedures). The processors charge a processing fee for their services.

Our Commitment:


Please note that OFCO does not buy or sell seafood and, to avoid any conflict of interest, does not negotiate prices with suppliers. With OFCO on their side, seafood buyers will pay less and receive better quality products with fewer problems. OFCO helps its customers make the most of their purchases in Vietnam.


OFCO looks after its customers' interests and gives them the best possible advice at all times. More than just an inspection service, OFCO's aim is to support its regular customers in their seafood purchases in Vietnam. OFCO's advice ensures the best possible offer, and OFCO's inspection secures the purchase.


With OFCO, your inspections will be carried out by teams of multinational, highly qualified and professional inspectors, following international standards: A team of at least two people of different nationalities is sent on each mission.

OFCO’s market analysis, forecasts, and advice will always keep you one step ahead, helping you develop new and better strategies for your business.


We are not traders, but we are here to ensure that your trading experiences are successful and beneficial. Let OFCO be your trusted partner in the seafood industry.

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