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OFCO the seafood specialist with common sense, offering the most valuable Consulting and Inspection services in Vietnam.


You need a seafood specialist -  Not only a norms specialist

In the complex and regulated world of seafood, you need more than just a specialist in norms. While the industry is governed by strict international standards, and their correct application forms the basis of any inspection, this alone is not sufficient. Common sense is equally crucial. Applying norms and standards without a genuine understanding and without the use of common sense can lead to unreliable results and even compromise quality.

Obsession with standards can even be detrimental to quality.

At OFCO, we take pride in our deep expertise in the seafood industry. Our independence strengthens our commitment to providing objective inspections, helping our clients make informed and well-advised decisions. While we use international norms as a guide, our real strength lies in the application of common sense to our inspections.

Quality is subjective. Some norms, often considered objective, can be less precise and objective than the subjective observation of fillets by an expert.

Health authorities often resort to values that can be measured scientifically and objectively for convenience, even if these values don’t necessarily correlate with quality. In the end, professionals comply either to avoid complications or to use these authority-endorsed values as marketing tools. The Nutri-Score, adopted in several European countries, could be a prime example. It’s highly ‘marketable’ and easy to measure, but the questioning of its effectiveness by several nutritional experts doesn’t seem to pose a problem. The moisture levels in pangasius fillets are strictly controlled on documents in some countries, although no strictly correlated with quality.

Indeed, achieving quality with Pangasius is challenging without a professional approach.

These inadequate norms, far from objective, often prove to be counterproductive.

While norms are necessary, they don’t guarantee a good product.

The smell, texture, treatment, packaging, overall appearance of the product, and the specific characteristics of each species are crucial factors in determining whether a product is good or not. These specifications are subjective and cannot be solely measured by rigid norms or confined by official international standards.

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OFCO made a strong debut in 2007 as trader and agent. However, Jean-Charles Diener made the strategic decision to gradually phase out agency and trading services in 2008. By 2011, OFCO had completely ceased these services to concentrate on what we excel at: inspection and consulting services.

Why this shift?

At OFCO, we hold our integrity in high regard. We firmly believe in the principle that ‘we cannot be judge and party at the same time’ It’s our conviction that fair and impartial inspection of a consignment’s quality is impossible if we are involved in the purchase.

To prevent conflicts of interest, OFCO does not negotiate on behalf of buyers nor do we interfere with purchase prices. Nevertheless, our services encompass the beneficial aspects of a trader’s role, without the associated inconveniences and conflicts of interest.

With OFCO, your company’s interests in Vietnam will be safeguarded. You can rest assured that we will handle all the complexities of the seafood industry, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. With us, you won’t have to worry about navigating the intricate world of seafood trade - we’ve got you covered.


While OFCO offers a wide range of services across various seafood products, we’ve noticed a consistent pattern among our clients. They tend to adopt an upstream strategy, taking careful first steps with new suppliers, clearly outlining their needs and expectations upfront. This approach may seem overly cautious to buyers who prefer to address problems as they arise and quickly get down to business.

However, at OFCO, we believe that this upstream approach fosters enhanced cooperation, accelerates business development in the medium term, and promotes sustainable growth in the long run.

Also, contrary to initial perceptions, implementing standards to maintain consistent and appropriate quality can also contribute to long-term price competitiveness. While it may initially cause some friction, over time it fosters stronger cooperation between the seller and buyer.

Consequently, this not only helps buyers secure better prices, but also provides suppliers with more predictable demand and stronger relationships with their customers.

Another common trait among our clients is their familiarity with Vietnam. Many have been purchasing seafood in the country for over one or two decades. Some have established offices in Vietnam to support their purchases, while others plan to do so. OFCO’s services align well with these experienced buyers.

It’s also worth noting that many companies using our services were already making successful purchases in Vietnam before engaging us. We simply help them refine their buying process.

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  • Is OFCO also a trading company ?
    No, OFCO is focused on Inspection & Consulting. "We cannot be judge and party", and to be objective, reliable and trustworthy, OFCO decided to not taking this pass.
  • Can OFCO operate in the North of Vietnam ?
    Yes, OFCO operates everywhere in Vietnam. OFCO office is based in Ho Chi Minh City in the South of Vietnam, however our teams regularly proceed for inspections in the center and in the north of Vietnam.
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