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Cold Storage - Pre shipment inspection

Our Structure

At OFCO, our structure rests on two fundamental pillars: the implementation of an infallible and incorruptible system, followed by a significant investment in the skills of our team members.


Since OFCO’s establishment in 2007, we have meticulously designed and implemented an infallible and incorruptible system. This system serves as the backbone of our operations, ensuring flawless execution and maintaining the highest standards. Our relentless pursuit of perfection extends to every detail, from inspection protocols to reporting procedures.

Key principles include working in pairs (at least two inspectors of different nationalities on each inspection and audit), adopting a contradictory approach (Rigorous cross-checks and independent assessments prevent oversight and reinforce the integrity of our findings), and returning to the OFCO office after inspections to complete reports collaboratively (After field inspections, our teams return to the OFCO office to collaboratively compile comprehensive reports. This dual perspective ensures thoroughness and precision).

As JC Diener wisely states, “Humans are always fallible, and I believe in the importance of systems”

OFCO Inspection - Cold storage
OFCO Meeting


At OFCO, our unwavering commitment to talent development is paramount. We invest significantly in honing the skills of our teams.


Their expertise, coupled with their multicultural backgrounds, propels our sustained excellence. Our inspectors hold engineering degrees or similar qualifications (primarily in agriculture, food technology, or fishing technology).


Their extensive experience in food processing and quality control forms the bedrock of OFCO’s reputation.

Our system, our values ​​and our strategies constitute the backbone of OFCO but it is the people

who make OFCO.   Learn more about OFCO Team

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