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OFCO - Seafood market

Our Presence​
We focus 100% on what we do best, to exceed your expectations.

We specialize in seafood inspection and consulting in Vietnam to help our customers with their purchases. We have gained a global reputation by inspecting seafood in Vietnam destined for over 60 countries.

Our expertise centers exclusively on seafood inspection without seeking to extend our services to other products. By narrowing our scope, we ensure quality work and true expertise. After all, one cannot be an expert in every field.

We limit our services to Vietnam to align seamlessly with the country’s culture. Each nation has its unique intricacies, and inspecting seafood in China, Peru, Iceland, and Vietnam demands distinct skills and approaches.


The specificity of OFCO positions us as a valuable asset for companies seeking to purchase or process seafood in Vietnam.

Our advice and strategies complement our inspection services, ensuring maximum efficiency.

OFCO - Pangasius inspection, Inspection room

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