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Femme vietnamienne fabriquant des chapeaux coniques


This category includes all seafood products sold by processors in Vietnam. Regardless of whether the raw materials are locally sourced or imported.

Latin name : While the New Latin name or synonym for this fish is Pangasianodon hypophthalmus, the traditional Latin name Pangasius hypophthalmus is still widely used.


Making a substantial profit with Pangasius is no easy feat. There are several challenges, and one of the primary ones lies in developing a robust sales strategy due to the inconsistent quality of the products received.

Pangasius procurement in Vietnam is notoriously complex. However, OFCO simplifies this process.


Despite the appearance, Pangasius is probably one of the most difficult seafood items to buy correct in Vietnam. Many importers struggle to turn a profit or break even with this item, even though it ranks among the most affordable white fish fillets globally and offers several advantages.  Learn more about Pangasius farming.

To thrive in the Pangasius industry, it’s crucial to make strategic purchasing decisions and build a long-term strategy.


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