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Femme vietnamienne fabriquant des chapeaux coniques


This category includes all seafood sent to Vietnam for
re-processing (outward processing or other custom procedures). The processors charge a processing fee for their services.

At OFCO, we understand that initiating a project in Vietnam and developing processing contracts is no mean feat. It requires significant effort, resources, and expertise to navigate the complexities and establish a successful operation.

However, once a main project is successfully set up, it paves the way for additional projects. The infrastructure, relationships, and understanding developed during the establishment of the main project can be leveraged to more easily add other projects. This is where the adaptability and capacity of Vietnam’s extensive workforce truly shine, handling sudden surges and variability in supply with ease.

Most of our major transformation contract projects are accompanied by these secondary projects. They may start small, but some of them evolve into substantial projects in their own right. These additional projects allow us to diversify our offerings and continue to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Here, we present a few samples of these additional final products. Each one is a testament to our commitment to quality, adaptability, and sustainable business practices. They embody the values we hold dear at OFCO and demonstrate our continuous strive for excellence in all we do. The success of our main projects is not just a milestone, but also a stepping stone for future opportunities.

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