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OFCO で入手可能なベトナムの水産産業に関するすべてのデータはここでご覧ください。



グラフ 1 - 1998 年以降の全体的な進化

グラフ2 – 年間割合

グラフ 3 - 1998 年以降のカテゴリーの進化

Report 1 - Continents compariso per year

Section 1 - Continents comparison per year (Value in USD)

Report 2 - Imprt evolution pe continent

Section 2 - Export evolution by Continent

Section 3 - Continent, Detailled by Country

Disclaimer :

*Raw data are coming from : United Nations (, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United nations ( VASEP (, and are computed by OFCO team to be usable. Few data are missing or might not be 100% accurate.

*Category 'Surimi' is newly available since 2023.

*Category 'Others' aggregates all other seafood exported from Vietnam. It is irrelevant but must appear for the consistency and semantics of the data.

*Continent 'Other' is the sum of all the small importing countries for which we don't have the detailed repartition.

Report 3 - Continent, Detailled by Contry
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